QPR submits plans for 600 homes

Queens Park Rangers Holdings  (QPR) with Genesis Housing Association have submitted plans to redevelop Oaklands House. Oaklands House was previously a workers hostel used by British Rail alongside a canteen and social club.

The planning application is for a development containing 611 residential units with a mixture of tenures. Of the 611 units proposed 202 (33%) are classed as affordable which will be managed by Genesis Housing Association , 61 of these will be for social rent another 61 will be affordable rent with the reminder being for shared ownership. The remaining 409 will be for a private rent scheme (PRS) , more developments should be like this if any attempts are to be made at easing London’s chronic housing shortage.

The inclusion of a large retail unit is likely to increase the dire retail provision in the area. Which should further entice more residents to the area , over the comming years. Plans have been submitted to the OPDC but should decided by the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. fa132b7cf39c2c897aabd011c41cb018f66caf2addbadfe0c785184246dfa91dab49792cfe29a02b646f0c268e7ec673


Potential Contenders for Old Oak Common 500,000sqft cultural quarter

Following from on the from the launch of the second round of public consultation for Old Oak Park today , an early stage vision to regenerate the land currently occupied by second hand retailer Car Giant amongst others. News that a “well-known household name is committed” to moving to a new purpose built 500,000sq ft base in north-west London. News of this has kept me busy with speculation to who this could be. I don’t see any harm in predicting the future , so here’s my thoughts in no particular order;

London Transport Museum

Currently situated in Covent Garden , the current experience is cramped and outdated for me. The same institution regularly holds open days at their Acton Town depot whereby transport enthusiasts young and old gather and is increasingly popular with families. This could enable the museum to display an elective mix of transport parafrenular all under one roof. Whilst at the same time Transport for London’s funding is also being slashed by central government , selling its museum base in the heart of the West End would give it a much cash injection and would free up the land  for much office space which needs it. If this was so , this wouldn’t be the first time Transport for London has taken the plunge to relocate to an regeneration area with their move from SW1 to Stratford due before the end of the decade.

Science Museum 

Currently it resides as one of the three in the museums in the museum triangle in South Kensington. In recent times it’s endless renovation , somewhat suggests that its bursting at the seams. The government body tasked with regenerating Old Oak and Park Royal has suggested that it could become an incubator for clean-tech companies , a move to NW10 would make sense given that Imperial College London is also currently building a west london campus at Imperial West , White City. Whether the Science Museum would want to waste the money recently spent on upgrading there exhibition space’s makes it seem less likely. However it would slot in well with the vision of the Old Oak Park Royal development corporation (OPDC)

Museum of London

Admittedly this one is very unlikely because Museum of London (MoL) has already committed to moving its current base in Barbican to a redeveloped Smithfield Market by 2021 at a cost of £70m. Although the team behind Old Oak Park; London and Regional the developers and PLP who were appointed the master planners have in the consultation documents alluded to celebrating the area’s industrial heritage and even an passenger river taxi has been suggested too. Whilst canceling the Museum of London move to Smithfield seems unlikely , perhaps even a replacement for the Museum of London Docklands is possible wide a more general focus on London’s waterways to include the Grand Union Canal which runs through the south of Old Oak Park is equally plausible.

EDIT 28/01/16

To much surprise the Science Museum will eventually move from its South Kensington base to Old Oak Park albeit until 2030 at the latest as Old Oak Park is very much still in it’s infancy. The move will allow the Science Museum to expand from its current 170,000sq ft to a new space in which will nearly treble its existing floorspace. Expect more details to be fleshed out in late February or early March.





Residential towers behind Crossrail depot planned for Old Oak Common

Former hostel in Old Oak Common set for redevelopment.

An Scoping report has been submitted for series of buildings as part of a residential lead development  , on the site of the former hostel Oaklands behind a forthcoming Crossrail depot has been submitted to the Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC).

The Development known as Oaklands has been submitted on-behalf of Genesis Housing Association Ltd & QPR Holdings.This could provide around 600 residential units with varying heights from 6 to 25 storeys with around 33% of the housing deemed as affordable. Alongside 3,500sqm of commercial floorspace. The outline of the near to completed Crossrail depot can be seen as the rectangular outline to the south east.

The former Oaklands hotel is situated on a sliproad which is used frequently by construction vehicles used in order to facilitate the construction of one of the two depots required for the future Crossrail route which will call at Old Oak Common although not until around 2026 alongside the forthcoming HS2 rail line.

Albeit a temporary depot for that Old Oak Common is earmarked for regeneration which is expected to create 25,500 new homes and 65,000 new jobs by 2037 , to which the current Crossrail depot alongside many others including the former Eurostar depot will need to make way for the regeneration scheme.

Link to scoping report 15/0080/SCOOPDC

Google Maps Pic
Location and Outline of Oaklands. Image source , Google Maps