QPR submits plans for 600 homes

Queens Park Rangers Holdings  (QPR) with Genesis Housing Association have submitted plans to redevelop Oaklands House. Oaklands House was previously a workers hostel used by British Rail alongside a canteen and social club.

The planning application is for a development containing 611 residential units with a mixture of tenures. Of the 611 units proposed 202 (33%) are classed as affordable which will be managed by Genesis Housing Association , 61 of these will be for social rent another 61 will be affordable rent with the reminder being for shared ownership. The remaining 409 will be for a private rent scheme (PRS) , more developments should be like this if any attempts are to be made at easing London’s chronic housing shortage.

The inclusion of a large retail unit is likely to increase the dire retail provision in the area. Which should further entice more residents to the area , over the comming years. Plans have been submitted to the OPDC but should decided by the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. fa132b7cf39c2c897aabd011c41cb018f66caf2addbadfe0c785184246dfa91dab49792cfe29a02b646f0c268e7ec673