Residential towers behind Crossrail depot planned for Old Oak Common

Former hostel in Old Oak Common set for redevelopment.


An Scoping report has been submitted for series of buildings as part of a residential lead development  , on the site of the former hostel Oaklands behind a forthcoming Crossrail depot has been submitted to the Old Oak Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC).

The Development known as Oaklands has been submitted on-behalf of Genesis Housing Association Ltd & QPR Holdings.This could provide around 600 residential units with varying heights from 6 to 25 storeys with around 33% of the housing deemed as affordable. Alongside 3,500sqm of commercial floorspace. The outline of the near to completed Crossrail depot can be seen as the rectangular outline to the south east.

The former Oaklands hotel is situated on a sliproad which is used frequently by construction vehicles used in order to facilitate the construction of one of the two depots required for the future Crossrail route which will call at Old Oak Common although not until around 2026 alongside the forthcoming HS2 rail line.

Albeit a temporary depot for that Old Oak Common is earmarked for regeneration which is expected to create 25,500 new homes and 65,000 new jobs by 2037 , to which the current Crossrail depot alongside many others including the former Eurostar depot will need to make way for the regeneration scheme.

Link to scoping report 15/0080/SCOOPDC

Google Maps Pic
Location and Outline of Oaklands. Image source , Google Maps